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Une équipe à votre service, compétente et réactive; une intégrité et une rigueur imposées par son gérant Laurent Hagé ayant une connaissance parfaite du contexte, acquise durant plus de 20 ans de relations commerciales, principalement avec Marrakech grâce à un excellent tissu relationnel. vente villas marrakech. Le Maroc pour vous séduire DFY immobilier pour vous accueillir

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Des engagements sélectionnés et systématiquement honorés. Compromis de vente et signature chez notaire, pour votre plus grande tranquillité, aucun paiement à l'ordre de DFY immobilier dans le cadre d'une acquisition. DFY Immobilier est rémunérée à la signature chez le notaire.

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For more informations please contact us at :   00 212 661 20 62 61

     Information :

" your satisfaction "  is the unique ambition of  DFY  REAL-ESTATE  to remain your privileged interlocutor and it beyond your acquisition.
For the biggest serenity of her customers,  DFY REAL-ESTATE  puts in their services:
Her notarial cabinet for any information requiring a meticulous study to tie up well a file before an acquisition.
Her legal adviser for any information aiming at confirming the orientation of the notarial Cabinet.
Her tax consultant for any delicate files.
Her  assistance and all its communications during your stay.
Warm up to the acquisition :
Opening an account in convertible Dirhams which you can feed by swift transfer according to needs.
Besides the fact that you will use it for your acquisitions, this account will allow you to repatriate in currencies the fruit of a rent or a sale, and its been worth.
To be made, the notary have to  declare beforehand the exchange office your acquisition and ask him to hand you the list of this last one.
Rights and taxes chargeable to the buyer :
There are in Morocco various categories of possessions and this fact a variation of registration fees and taxes.
A) agricultural and urban Grounds.
The agricultural grounds require an administrative method  to obtain the N.A.V ( an unagricultural vocation).
The urban grounds undertake you to build in A period  of 7 years.
There are various legal forms there among which :
 “ guiches grounds” to avoid for the foreigners "
 “ Melkia grounds “ (to acquire with precaution )
 “The Titled grounds” (comfortable acquisition)
b)  house-usage  possessions :
2 categories:
The untitled possessions " to acquire with precaution ”
The Titled possessions " comfortable acquisition " The duration of house ,minimum of 3 years old. For more security as regards, the  untitled possessions, it’s advisable to require from the owner a recruitment with the land  conservation " n ° of demand optention " before the signature
Registration fees and taxes for houses and urban grounds - Registration fees:
 2,5 % with commitment on 7years
 5 % without commitment
 - notarial Tax: 0,5 %
- land Conservation: 1 % + 150 DH ( proprety certificate)
- Fees: 1 %, with perception minimum of 2500 DH + the VAT 7 %
the constructions update with the so necessary land conservation 0,5 % + 75 dh
 - freshly different (stamps): 1500 to approximately 3 000 DH according to the file.
Within the framework of the untitled good, it’s advisable to foresee additional costs
 - rights Ad valorem: 1,5 % until 50 000 dh + 2 % of the value above
 - rights of publication: 450 DH-
Geometrician : approximately 2 500 DH - Duplicate: 75 DH - superficiaires rights: 45 DH by begun(affected) are ( urban zone), by begun(affected) hectare ( rural zone) - fixed rights: 75 DH - freshly different: 1500 DH approximately
Fees :
At the origin of the deal  it’s foreseen that the agency  perceives 5 %.
The distribution of these fees is made in a equaliterian way between the salesman and the buyer, that’s 2,5 % for each of the parts.
The amount for each of the parts will be paid in two steps, 50 % at the signature of the compromise and 50 % at the signature of the act of acquisition .
For grounds the buyer will see charging 5 % of the price with a 3000€ minimum of committee order.

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